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Even Luggage Has a Lifespan
April 01, 2017

Even Luggage Has a Lifespan

If you love to travel then you have figured out how to eliminate as many of the frustrations, within your control, as possible. One of the biggest frustrations to eliminate is inappropriate luggage. If your luggage needs an overhaul, is lacking in some of the new features and function; or better yet, poor quality, then you can count on major nagging problems throughout your entire vacation. First, you get luggage envy. When you arrive to the airport you watch other people that look like professional travelers easily maneuver through the airport, crowds and boarding the plane with ease. Your luggage seems to have a mind of its own; going whichever way it wants, the handle working or not working whenever it wants, and the appearance looking like you and your luggage has no sense of pride. Luggage never seems to fail while you are at your home unpacking it at the end of your trip or vacation, hence the constant frustration throughout your trip or vacation.

All luggage has a life. Sometimes your luggage has lived its life and you tried to add a little more than it was capable for. Prolonging the life or your luggage can make your vacation very frustrating every time it comes time to use it throughout your vacation. You are nervous as to whether it will survive your next trip to the airport. Your level of anxiety jumps as you are waiting for your luggage at the Baggage Claim; wondering if your luggage is going to come out in one piece, closed with contents intact, and will the handle and wheels work one more time? This can all be avoided by investing in new luggage on a regular basis. Regular basis is all relative to how often you travel. If you travel like a flight attendant then you are probably needing to replace your luggage every 2 – 3 years. If you are a once or twice a year traveler your luggage could last up to 10 years, depending on the level of quality that you invested in.

Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Trip!

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