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Finding the Right Luggage For Your Needs
January 13, 2017

Finding the Right Luggage For Your Needs

Sometimes the investment in your luggage can help to improve every facet of your travel. If you are a business traveler; the right luggage can have an impact on how well your business trip goes. If you are vacationing; the right luggage can make for a wonderful vacation. It is amazing what the return on your investment can bring to your travels and on to your level of stress.

The obvious answer to how much you should invest in your luggage starts with; how much do you travel? The more you travel the better quality luggage you should invest in. In most cases, the higher the price, higher quality is expected. In this scenario it is pretty close to being a fact. Better materials, handles, wheels, zippers, construction all cost more than the opposite. In many cases there is a reason why the price of the luggage is so much lower than the higher priced branded luggage.

I like to use this example; you can purchase a $99.99 carry-on that holds up for a year, or you can purchase a $500.00 carry-on that will hold up for 10 years. The total cost of the $99.99 carry-on extrapolates to $1,000.00 against the $500.00 carry-on. Which carry-on ends up as the best value? The $500.00 carry-on results in 50% of the total costs of the $99.99 carry-on. In my opinion, the 50% savings is the least of the value here. The real value is the having to deal with the constant unpredictable failure of the $99.99 carry-on after the limited time of use. The $500.00 carry-on doesn’t totally eliminate this headache but it surely reduces it to 10% of the level of the $99.99 carry-on’s headache. Can you put a price on the anxiety, headaches, frustrations that your luggage can cause you during a trip? How much are you willing to invest to reduce all of these as much as possible?

Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Trip!

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